[rrd-users] Exact Number

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Wed May 30 20:41:08 CEST 2007

Michaux Julien wrote:

>I've got a problem with RRD. I graph a windows server counter which 
>is the number of active terminal server session.
>In the graph, I put GPRINT like this :
>GPRINT:NbSessionInactive:MAX:"%8.0lf %s   " \
>GPRINT:NbSessionInactive:MIN:"%8.0lf %s   " \
>GPRINT:NbSessionInactive:AVERAGE:"%8.0lf %s   " \
>GPRINT:NbSessionInactive:LAST:"%8.0lf %s   \n" \
>For the MAX,MIN and LAST, there is no problem ( An exact number > 1 
>) but for the AVERAGE it shows something like "682 m" (so 0,682). I 
>don't want this. I would like to have 0 instead.
>How can I make this ?

I don't think you can, because as I read your request, you want it to 
give the wrong answer and RRD is designed to give correct answers !

Say you have the values 1,1,0 - the mathematical average is 0.667 not 
zero. Even if you tell rrd to print an integer, the result will be 
ONE not ZERO because one is the correct rounding.

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