[rrd-users] Invalid times when calling fetch with ruby bindings

Mike Perham mperham at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 20:40:04 CET 2007

Hi, I have an RRD file that works great with "rrdtool fetch":

1162944000: 4.6250000000e+01 5.3750000000e+01 3.7500000000e+01
1163030400: 4.4000000000e+01 5.6000000000e+01 6.0000000000e+01
1163116800: 4.5250000000e+01 5.4750000000e+01 4.7500000000e+01
1163203200: 4.4500000000e+01 5.5500000000e+01 5.5000000000e+01
1163289600: 4.1750000000e+01 5.8250000000e+01 8.2500000000e+01

However, when I try to use the Ruby bindings, I find that the start
and stop times are invalid:

[-955682048, -953003648, ["active_accounts", "active_clients",
"active_sources"], [[48.7916666666667, 51.2083333333333,
12.0833333333333], [43.4583333333333, 56.5416666666667,

I'm unclear how the start and stop times (the first two values) can be
negative?  Is there a signed/unsigned issue here?  I'm using 1.2.23 on
OSX 10.5 and I've patched my Ruby binding with the two patches already
in RRDtrac (#98 and #101).


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