[rrd-users] help for a better perspective

Pili Muñoz Gargallo mugnoz.pilar at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 12:29:29 CET 2007

hello, my name is Pili

I'm a student and i'm trying to understand how cacti works. I  know that it
is the evolution of RDDtool and you need to have it installed  to made it
works. I have been reading tutorials, to try  understanding but there's a
thing i don't manage to find:
Where i could find information about how configure the agents? i mean, i
think i understand that  the NMS needs  a suite like cacti,  in the agent
must be running Net-SNMP or similar, but i don't know how both interact...
Where i would say the ip of the device i want to monitor? what happens it
the net is already done and there's a switch that supports SNMP? how i could
install Net- SNMP in an agent?
May be these are no the kind of questions you are used to read, but i'm a
student and i can't install things in the lab (i can't enter as root). The
teacher told us to decide for an architecture, but it's very difficult to me
to think in such an abstract way...

Thank you very much in advance, and i must apologize myself if my doubts
have disturbed someone (or my schematic english)

best wishes

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