[rrd-users] x-axis labelling

Petteri Matilainen pmatil at gmail.com
Sat Nov 17 11:45:03 CET 2007


I'm using rrdtool to graph outside and inside temperatures (daily, weekly,
yearly). For monthly graph I would like the following x-axis
configuration: grid lines every day, major grid lines every week
day of week is
monday) and labels each day. So far I've been trying this line: -x
DAY:1:WEEK:1:DAY:1:0:%a. Grid lines are OK but labelling isn't. Labels
are centered on major grid lines (right
under the
line) which is wrong. 'Sun' is right under the major grid lines and so on.

I also tried -x DAY:1:WEEK:1:WEEK:1:0:"Week %V" which should give labels
each week but the text 'Week 45' is right under the major grid line and so
on (should be centered on a week interval). I'm confused about the LPR
definition. Seconds? I tried to input how many seconds are there in a week
-> no change. Thanks in advance.

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