[rrd-users] rrd daily, monthly, weekly, yearly...

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Thu Nov 22 18:20:17 CET 2007

Wernher Eksteen wrote:

>Currently I have graphs tracking byte/s over daily, monthly, weekly
>and yearly interval's, but not getting the results I need, my daily
>average seems to work fine at 5 minute interval's with a -step of 600,
>but my weekly, monthly and yearly graphs seems to be completely out of
>sync with values I'm getting compared to daily graphs.
>For instance, on daily graphs my MAX average of bytes/s outbound
>transfer rate was 8MB/s which is roughly 64Mb/s. Where as on my
>weekly, monthly and yearly graphs the MAX ave was only 3MB/s... Am I
>doing something wrong, or is that right?

You seem to be making a common mistake.

If you want MAX you must store MAX !

If you store AVERAGE and then graph the max value of it, then you 
will see lower figures.

Suppose I download at 24mbps for one hour in a day. On a 10 minute 
step size you will see a block at 24mbps. If you let that feed 
through into an RRA that creates an average over 24 hours then the 
average for that day will be 1Mbps. Graphing MAX will only ever show 
you that 1Mbps.

If you want to be able to see the 24Mbps, then you need to create an 
RAA with MAX function - graphing MAX will then use the MAX RRA and 
you will see 24Mbps for that day.

So if you will need max in the future store max, if you will need 
average then store average, if you will need min then store min - if 
you need all three then you store all three (they are different, 24, 
1, 0 in the example I've just given).

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