[rrd-users] Graphing definitions

Marc T. Kaplan m.kaplan79 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 16:35:29 CET 2007


   I had previously emailed in regarding an RRD not injecting data
correctly. I have since then gotten the RRD to accept the data and it
is reflected correctly through an RRD info, though a fetch is showing
NaN. Whether that is what may be an issue I do not know, I am trying
to get my data to graph and have had no such luck.

rrdtool create $rrd_dir/usr.rrd -s 86400 \
DS:alpha:DERIVE:43200:U:U \

rrdtool graph /usr.rrd.gif \
DEF:pkta=$rrd_dir/usr.rrd:alpha:AVERAGE LINE1:pkta#000000:Alpha

I had changed from GAUGE to DERIVE and data started appearing in the
RRD as before it was returned "UNKN"

This is where i am lost regarding this particular RRD, the data will
as I said show up in an " rrdtool info usr.rrd" but the graph is
blank. Is this due to my settings for the RRA or my graph defenitions?
Any help is appreciated as I cannot seem to find any documentation
that helps all that much.

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