[rrd-users] multiple target question for dummies

Pal, Laszlo vlad at vlad.hu
Fri Oct 19 19:02:13 CEST 2007


I know this kind of question is a typical RTFM question, but after surfing
the manual I decided to ask you :)

I have a site where I have two circuits connecting to different PE nodes
of an MPLS network. I would like to have the in/out utilization of these
two links on one graph, so I can see the utilization difference.

Basically I'm using the great routers2.cgi script to create rrd files and
making graphs from it. I tried to search an easy solution to use the same
tool for this kind of graph but I cannot find anything on this subject

Now, maybe I have to create some custom webpage for this kind of graphs,
but for this I have to pass the right parameters to rrdtool...

Maybe one of you already did the same and can post a sample config for this.

Thank you
Laszlo Pal

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