[rrd-users] quick sanity check on my config ... not sure if AVERAGE is appropriate

Gore Jarold gore_jarold at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 22 00:47:46 CEST 2007


I keep two ipfw counters of bandwidth - one inbound
and one outbound:

10    399000    569950699 count ip from any to any via
fxp0 in
11    258417     15855661 count ip from any to any via
fxp0 out

I am simply trying to create a simple, standard
green/blue in/out bandwidth graph, just like MRTG,
measured in BITS/s.

I am just not sure if I have created the RRD


I created the RRD with:

rrdtool create traffic.rrd DS:inbound:COUNTER:600:0:U
DS:outbound:COUNTER:600:0:U RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:288

(my cron job will check it every five minutes)

I update with:

rrdtool update traffic.rrd N:`/sbin/ipfw show|grep
^00010 |awk '{print $3}'`:`/sbin/ipfw show|grep ^00011
|awk '{print $3}'`

So is this correct ?  I am not sure if AVERAGE is the
correct aggregate function ?

The 'count' number I am grabbing from ipfw never goes
down to zero - it is just bigger and bigger every time
it checks it (unless the system reboots).  And it
checks it every five minutes.

Also, the 'ipfw count' value I am grabbing is in
BYTES, so do I need to be dividing by 8 somewhere

I know there are fancy scripts for grabbing ipfw, but
I am really doing nothing but measuring ipfw count for
inbound and outbound, so I should be able to just plug
those numbers right in without much complication ...


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