[rrd-users] Units for the Y-axis labels?

Paul Boven p.boven at xs4all.nl
Fri Sep 7 19:11:02 CEST 2007

Hi everyone,

When looking at RRDtool created graphs, e.g. in Cacti, there's always a
bit of confusion - are these Gb/s or GB/s? I would like to propose an
option to 'rrdtool graph' of specifying a unit string for the y-axis
labels. Such a string would then be printed on the axis directly after
the multiplier character (m,k,M,G etc). This would enable the y-axis
label to show things like 'Gb/s' or 'kWh' or even degree Centigrade.

The is a 'vertical label' option in rrdtool, but in my opinion, the
proposal above makes it much easier to see 'at a glance' what a graph is

My suggestion: add an option '--unit <string>' that gets printed both on
 the y-axis labels, and also on any GRPINT calculated results (e.g.
current/avg/max throughput).

If such an enhancement to RRDtool would be of interest, I will also
volunteer to write it.

Regards, Paul Boven.

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