[rrd-users] does rrd aberrant behaviuor detection really work ?

sylvain at meduse.homelinux.net sylvain at meduse.homelinux.net
Sat Sep 29 15:29:14 CEST 2007

Hello !

I'm trying to use abd functionality with my rrd files, but without success
for now.
I create a rrdfile like this :
rrdtool create rrd/nfs3-ip-in-00h51-dup.rrd
-b 1184885390 -s 300
RRA:AVERAGE:5.0000000000e-01:6:700 RRA:AVERAGE:5.0000000000e-01:1:8640
RRA:AVERAGE:5.0000000000e-01:24:775 RRA:AVERAGE:5.0000000000e-01:288:797
RRA:MIN:5.0000000000e-01:6:700 RRA:MIN:5.0000000000e-01:1:8640
RRA:MIN:5.0000000000e-01:24:775 RRA:MIN:5.0000000000e-01:288:797
RRA:MAX:5.0000000000e-01:6:700 RRA:MAX:5.0000000000e-01:1:8640
RRA:MAX:5.0000000000e-01:24:775 RRA:MAX:5.0000000000e-01:288:797
RRA:LAST:5.0000000000e-01:6:700 RRA:LAST:5.0000000000e-01:1:8640
RRA:LAST:5.0000000000e-01:24:775 RRA:LAST:5.0000000000e-01:288:797

i have had a look at the output of :
* "rrdtool dump rrd/nfs3-ip-in-00h51-dup.rrd" and
* "rrdtool info rrd/nfs3-ip-in-00h51-dup.rrd"
and everything seems to be ok

i then use "rrdtool update ..." to fill in the rrd file with 2 weeks of
data , but the 5 abd related RRA stay leer (only NaN).
I tried with the last version of rrdtool downloaded from www.rrdtool.org
I also tried with the standard kubuntu package (RRDtool 1.2.19) and i got
the same result.
The only way i got it working, is by using the standard (stable) debian
rrdtool package (RRDtool 1.2.15)

Can someone help me with this ?



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