[rrd-users] Some simple questions about Spikes, Average and Points.

Holger Rose dl5ark at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 29 19:31:54 CEST 2007

I use rrd on an embedded device wl500gp. rrd is preinstalled and i will 
customize the available scripts /usr/bin/rrd.sh, /etc/rrd.conf and 
/etc/rrdcollect.conf. I read the data with oww. I see on your 
suggestions the determination of the average wind direction is not so 
simple ...
I think about to transfer my rates to wunderground to display data.
>When you create an RRD you can specify limit for 
>the values - did you do that ?
I think this is done in this line in rrd.sh:
>But what does your data show ?
On the place i think there is a Gust i see nothing (or a gap).
>What did you put in, what do you get out if you dump the database ?
Input must be 8, the gust value about 16 and the next input under 8.
I see in the graph 8 - nothing - 6.
How can i dump the database?
Is it meaningfully to send you other details from /usr/bin/rrd.sh?


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