[rrd-users] -s option for a graph

Dirk dirk at woodstone.nu
Thu Aug 21 19:21:37 CEST 2008

Does this mean that when doing
	rrdtool update
that I should use the UTC time OR the current time (based on my current time

Dirk Bulinckx. 

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Hi Dirk,

is 1h back from curent time ... note that rrdtool internally uses
UTC and is aware of your local timezone,k so this will all work


Today Dirk wrote:

> If you do a
> 	rrdtool graph -s -3600 ....
> then the generated graph is a graph of the last 3600 seconds (1h).
> How is the 1h calculated?
> Is this based on the current time (within the current time zone) or is this
> based on the current time (but seen in UTC) or is this the last 1h that was
> logged within the RRD file?
> Dirk Bulinckx.
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