[rrd-users] problem faced in rrdtool y axis selection

mk shwetha shwetha008 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 11:23:03 CET 2008

Hi All,

I am using rrdtool-1.2.15 and when i want to select my trend graph using y
axis range i am facing some problems.

Suppose i am viewing  trend graph with y scale from 0 (min y) to 100 (max
y), then the graph plots fine.

but if i select the *min y* value as *20* and *max y* value as *80* then
graph from y axis 20 to 80 is not plotted at all.

If i select *min y* as *0* and *max y* as* 80* then the graph is plotted
fine in y axis 0 to 80

 Also if i put negative values in *min y* as *-20* and *max y* as* 80*, then
the graph is plotted fine between y axis -20 to max y 80

Please let me know if any one of you are facing same problems and if you
know any likely workaround or any appropriate method to be used for it.

Thanks in advance.

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