[rrd-users] Using RRD to calculate recently popular users

Gautham Pai buzypi at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 11:21:49 CET 2008


We are trying to see if RRDTool is a good fit to build a popularity service
for a social network.

The requirements are:
A unique score is given to every user based on various factors. The number
of such users could run into millions. We then feed this score along with
the userids to a datastore. We should then be able to query the store for
answers to questions like:
* Who are the top 5 active users in the network?
* Who are the top 5 active users in the last one month and how has their
activity changed in the last week?

The reasons why we choose RRD:
1. The data is time based.
2. We need some RR database since we intend to discard old data in a RR

I read that RRDTool allows only numeric data to be captured. But we need
some book-keeping data too that needs to be stored and retrieved later.

Is it possible to build such a service using RRDTool?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Gautham Pai,
Software Engineer, weRead

Website: http://buzypi.in/
Blog: http://blog.buzypi.in/
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