[rrd-users] [rrd-developers] on the road to rrdtool 1.4

Fidelis Assis fidelis at pobox.com
Wed Dec 10 23:09:40 CET 2008

Hi Tobi,

Tobias Oetiker escreveu:
> as I am aiming for a release of RRDtool 1.4 in January, it would be
> great if you could give the code a whirl in your environment
> Up to date snapshots of all active branches and trunk can be found
> under "Development Snapshots" on
>   http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/download.en.html

The file rrdlua.pod is missing. Perhaps because it's not listed in

--- doc/Makefile.am ----
# what should go into the distribution
-EXTRA_DIST= $(POD) $(HTML) $(MAN) $(TXT) rrdtool-dump.dtd
rrdtool-xport.dtd rrdgraph_libdbi.pod
+EXTRA_DIST= $(POD) $(HTML) $(MAN) $(TXT) rrdtool-dump.dtd
rrdtool-xport.dtd rrdgraph_libdbi.pod rrdlua.pod

Fidelis Assis

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