[rrd-users] Resend: "reset" a DS within an RRD

Simon Hobson linux at thehobsons.co.uk
Sun Dec 14 09:42:48 CET 2008

Jack Tavares wrote:

>I am looking for a more granular way to "reset" all the data in an rrd.
>I track lots of data and I have about a 5 or 6 rrd files, each with
>10 or so data sources.
>To reset or blow away stored data for a given data source, I delete
>the rrd file it is in and recreate it.
>This throws away all data saved for everything in the rrd file.
>This is, of course, sub-optimal.
>What I want is the ability to throw away all data for a given data source.
>Is there a way to reach in and set all the rows for a data source to UNKNOWN?

Export the file (rrdtool export file.rrd), write a script to mangle 
the data, re-import it.

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