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Göran Rothoff goran at gack.se
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I’m using Debian version 4.0 and get the some behavior that Jeffrey 

Just a little diff – I must switch to 1.2.27.


// goran




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Hi Tobias , I switched from 1.3.5 to 1.2.29 and it took me 5 seconds to
generate 28 graphs when I used 1.2.29. Otherwise it would take me 30seconds
to generate these graphs when 1.3.5 used and I noticed high CPU during the
rrdtool_graph ran.

I m using red-hat release 4 and I didn’t change anything by the version of



On 12/20/08 3:04 PM, "Tobias Oetiker" <tobi at oetiker.ch> wrote:

Hi Jeffrey,

Yesterday Jeffrey (Xiu Yan) Zhang wrote:

> Hi
> I found that the new version 1.3.5 compiled on red-hat is 5x slower than
1.2.x when rrd_graph runs.
> what is your experience?
> thanks

there were issues with the pango code until 1.3.2 or so ... this
should be fixed now ... performacne should be on par to 1.2 as soon
as you create more than a single graph


> Jeffrey

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