[rrd-users] rrd python help needed.

Jeremiah Jester jeremiah.jester at panasonic.aero
Mon Dec 29 22:45:58 CET 2008

Thanks Larry!

To clarify...

So, if i want to graph the values that i've stored in the rrd data file
would i simply do something like this?

'--start' , str(etime - (24 * 3600)) ,
        '--end' , str(etime) ,
        '--vertical-label' , 'CPU Load' ,
       '--imgformat' , 'PNG' ,
        '--title' , 'System Load Average' ,
        '--lower-limit' , '0' ,        

Am i accurate? Every time i run this in my script it does not recreate
the png graph. Thoughts?

Also, the RRD data file (test.rrd) appears to be in binary. Is this
accurate? Any way i can read the data in human readable format to verify
it is storing the correct values?


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