[rrd-users] Optimize RRD update

Gwenael Lahay gwenael.lahay at wanadoo.fr
Fri Feb 1 09:43:31 CET 2008


I have two simple questions.
Is it possible to initialize a rrd file with zero values instead of NaN
values ?
More over, is it possible to replace (by default) NaN values with zero for
the period you don't update a rrd.

In fact, i need to optimize a perl script which take a lot of time to update
all the rrd file (especially when there is no data and that i need top
update all the files with zero).
If i could use zero instead of NaN, it will allow me to only update the rdd
files with data. It will take less time.

Thank you

For information, i use this parameters :



with :

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