[rrd-users] graph:formating the legend

Rene Fritzsche Rene at deinheld.de
Sat Feb 2 11:48:39 CET 2008


i'm trying to format my legend-part of a rrdgraph to look a bit
more nice than it does at the moment...
is there a way to "specify" which parts of a legends-text may
be wrapped and which should never be allowed to?

-> http://sundest.dyndns.info/test/ebene2_ausw_little.png

you see that sometimes (if the dimensons of the generated picture
is not well-chosen) the names and the according values are sepeated
in a new line..
by now these entries are generated though a LINE-Statement
(to show the color and print the name) and a GPRINT (to write the "="
and the value). like this:

i'd be happy if rrdtool could insert a line-break after one of these when
there wont be enough space to show the next "name and value"-entry.

these graphs dont have a fixed number of entries and also the dimensions
may vary - otherwise i would have inserted a manual line-break after
3 entries ...

hope you can help me and understand what i mean.


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