[rrd-users] Conception problem on a rrd database

Gwenael Lahay gwenael.lahay at wanadoo.fr
Mon Feb 18 17:50:04 CET 2008

Unfortunately, i run rrdtool 1.0.41 on FreeBsd 4.9.
As the program which generate the data is compiled for this version of
FreeBsd (fprobe), it is difficult for me to change of rrdtool version.

Do you really think that using a recent version of rrdtool will improve the
performance ?
For the moment, the program takes around 6 minutes to write the data. I need
to write the data in less than 2 minutes :(
A collegue had told me that MySql Merge tables could be a solution for my


2008/2/18, Fabien Wernli <wernli at in2p3.fr>:
> On Mon, Feb 18, 2008 at 01:53:30PM +0100, Gwenael Lahay wrote:
> > My hard drive could no manipulate so much files at the same time.
> > Consequently, i have performance problems to write and read data.
> did you try rrdtool 1.3beta ?
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