[rrd-users] A few Newbie questions

spirit cyberval at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 01:51:33 CET 2008

Erik de Mare <erik <at> oezie.org> writes:

> push(@data,"CDEF:totalin=in,UN,0,in,$span,*,IF");
> push(@data,"CDEF:totalout=out,UN,0,out,$span,*,IF");
> push(@data,"GPRINT:totalin:AVERAGE:Total traffic\\: %.2lf %s\\n");
> push(@data,"GPRINT:totalout:AVERAGE:Total traffic\\: %.2lf %s");

Well, my data are gathered and update every 300 seconds.

If I do smthing like: CDEF:total=eth0_in,UN,0,in,300,*,IF and graph it as an
area. Does it represent the total bytes downloaded every 5 minutes ?

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