[rrd-users] Monitoring Citrix Servers - WMI/VBscript

Eduardo M. Bragatto eduardo at bragatto.com
Sat Jan 5 07:46:52 CET 2008

jasonoz wrote:

> Create the Graphs - script runs every 5 mins
> ---
>     strReturn = objShell.Run("rrdtool graph .\data\" & strComputer &
> "-citrix.png -w 700 -h 75 --vertical-label ""Citrix Sessions"" 
> DEF:DATA1=.\data\" & strComputer & "-citrix.rrd:active:AVERAGE
> LINE3:DATA1#FF0000:'Active' DEF:DATA2=.\data\" & strComputer &
> "-citrix.rrd:disc:AVERAGE LINE3:DATA2#0000FF:'Disc'") 

although someone in the list might help you, keep in mind that's a 
RRDTOOL USERS mailinglist.

The code you posted for review contains a lot of M$ references that 
people on this list are mostly not familiar with (of course there are 
exceptions). You have quotes on some of those parameters that simply do 
not make sense to me, as I'm not used to how the M$ crap handles strings 
and it's operands.

rrdtool was initially designed to work under unix systems and that's 
still its focus. So finding people using bad OSes/scripting languages 
like you're having to use, is a little bit rare. Even more difficult is 
to find those people willing to help you with those scripts (all those 
proprietary software tend to make sysadmins a little bit more selfish 
about giving information away, since information is more restrict under 
the wrong idea that it makes stuff more secure -- honestly, it's just 
from what I experienced in my life, it's more about making their 
customers slaves of their consultant than really being concerned about 

Although I could try to debug your code, I have no idea how VBScript's 
syntax works, so you maybe you do have a proper rrdtool call but with 
problems on the VB parsing (which nobody here is expected to be familiar 
with). When posting stuff like that, make sure of what calls are being 
made to rrdtool (like echoing the whole command instead of executing it) 
and then post the command alone so we can debug rrdtool alone, not your 
whole script.

I'm sorry if I was a little bit too harsh, but I do personally hate M$ 
solutions and don't feel like exploring them to fix a problem that seems 
to be simple (have you tried reading ALL documentation?)

Eduardo M. Bragatto.

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