[rrd-users] Can't locate loadable object for module RRDs

Joe Loiacono jloiacon at csc.com
Wed Jan 9 15:32:31 CET 2008

The problem is that the RRDtool 'make install' puts RRDs.pm into a library 
that Perl is not familiar with.

RRDtool 'make install' puts it here:


Perl looks for it here (as well as other places):


To solve this I copied RRDs.pm into the Perl library, but then struggled 
to find out that you must also copy the RRDs and RRDp directories and 
their contents from the RRDtool installed 'auto' directory into the Perl 
'auto' directory.

Is this the *proper* way to do this? I couldn't find a way to permanently 
modify the Perl @INC array.


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