[rrd-users] values being averaged.

Shriver, Daniel dshriver at mitre.org
Thu Jan 17 18:57:08 CET 2008

I didn't get tripped up by this but if it people are often confused
about this*
maybe changing the wording in parts of the tutorial might get rid of
some of the
confusion. I'm not great on tech. writing- does this make it more

"GAUGE does not save the rate of change. It saves the actual value
itself. There are no divisions or calculations.  Note though, GAUGE,
like all other types IS normalized.  Thus if a value comes in at an
off interval timing (such as 5 min 1 sec after the previous value
when the interval is set as 5 min exactly) the value graphed will
be an interpolated estimate of what the value should be at 5 min"

I am still confused by various DUMP / RESTORE issues that don't make
much sense to me
(see my August post "Rrdtool restore problems").  I had problems
upgrading" from v. 1.2.12 to v. 1.2.23.  The replies I got indicated I
should avoid mixing
v. 1.0.x and 1.2.x software.  As bother were 1.2.x though this didn't
enlighten me.

*see also the earlier post stating:
  "I personally don't blame him. This is covered almost weekly in the
  Archives, at least several times a month. There's a _lot_ of
  related to this available if you look.


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On Thu, Jan 17, 2008 at 06:18:55PM +0200, Richard.W.Brown at nokia.com
> My biggest assumption was that the documentation was correct, this
> to be incorrect, as the tutorial rrd_beginners
> http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/tut/rrd-beginners.en.html states quiet
> clearly:
> "GAUGE does not save the rate of change. It saves the actual value
> itself. There are no divisions or calculations."

It's funny we had a big discussion with a collegue yesterday, and he
misunderstood this quote just like you.

By "actual value" the documentation doesn't mean "exact value" but
value" as opposed to "rate of change".

GAUGE   => rrdtool stores "actual value"
COUNTER => rrdtool stores "rate of change" i.e. derivative

but both will be consolidated, averaged, whatever

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