[rrd-users] rrdtool graph confusion

Emily Ann Chouinard cousin17 at msu.edu
Wed Jul 2 17:31:28 CEST 2008

Sorry I meant idle appears above the 100 mark and I'm not sure why. I've 
attached my graph and hopefully someone can help me out!
And here's my entire graph command
	  'DEF:uj=cpu.rrd:user:AVERAGE', #define number of jiffies
	  'DEF:nj=cpu.rrd:nice:AVERAGE',#which are the number of ticks
	  'CDEF:bo=uj,UN,0,uj,IF,0,GT,UNKN,INF,IF', #creates a gray region when 
user jiffies is undefined
         'GPRINT:maxN:  Max %6.2lf%%',
         'GPRINT:minN:  Min %6.2lf%%',
         'GPRINT:avgN:  Avg %6.2lf%%\l',
         'GPRINT:maxS:Max %6.2lf%%',
         'GPRINT:minS:  Min %6.2lf%%',
         'GPRINT:avgS:  Avg %6.2lf%%\l',
         'GPRINT:maxU:  Max %6.2lf%%',
         'GPRINT:minU:  Min %6.2lf%%',
         'GPRINT:avgU:  Avg %6.2lf%%\l',
 	  'GPRINT:maxI:  Max %6.2lf%%',
 	  'GPRINT:minI:  Min %6.2lf%%',
 	  'GPRINT:avgI:  Avg %6.2lf%%\l',
	  '--title','Hourly CPU Usage',
	  'COMMENT:' + cur_date + '') 

Emily Chouinard writes: 

> So now that I have those small issues cleared up, I have another issue 
> that I'm trying to discern.
> I've created a graph that show the percent of CPU usage for the user, 
> system,nice and idle and since I'm ssh-ing into another linux box to do 
> all this idle processes are of the highest percent, around 98.6% but the 
> problem I'm having is the area for idle goes above zero?
> Here's the code I've written for this graph b
>  'AREA:idl#EEFFFF:Idle:STACK',
>  'LINE2:1#DDDDDD::STACK', The question I have is when you use STACK does 
> that add to the value of the area, because my Average was 98.06% but the 
> line was showing up above the 100 mark? I'm trying to get the graph, but 
> if anyone has any insight into why this is I'm open to suggestions. 
> Thanks!!! 
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