[rrd-users] Same data but different graphs

Axel Schmalowsky aschmalowsky at df.eu
Wed Jul 9 17:05:33 CEST 2008

Hello list,

Some background/context information:
I'm using rrdtool to graph the performance data from nagios. Currently we're using the nagios plugin 'apan' to collect data from nagios and to save it into rrd files. but for performance reasons we wanna migrate to pnp4nagios.
now, both tools are running concurrently - meaning both tools collect data, save them into rrd files and graph them on-the-fly.

apan uses rrdtool version 1.0.45
pnp uses rrdtool version 1.2.27

my question now is:
since both (should) get the same data from nagios (but save it into different rrd files), rrdtool should generate graphs that should be (nearly) identical. But they don't ...

Are there any changes (which I'm not aware of) that the newer version handles the data / generates graphs differently than the older version does?
If not, I presumably should re-think (about) my nagios setup ..

Any help/hint would be appreciated.

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