[rrd-users] Usage Data

nate rrdtool at aphroland.org
Wed Jul 9 22:38:25 CEST 2008

Michael wrote:
> On Cacti's web site they state that the data is stored in mysql.
> Exactly what are they storing in mysql.  Is it usage data?
> And if so can it be used to for 95th percentile billing.

I setup RTG for 95th percentile stuff, from my searches it seemed that
was the most respected tool for measuring bandwidth in 95th percentile

RTG stores data in MySQL and comes with several simple scripts to query
the DB.

[nagios at pd1-exmon01:/usr/local/rtg/bin]$ ./95.pl Uplink `date --date="-1day"
+%x+%H:%M` `date +%x+%H:%M`
Uplink Traffic
Period: [07/08/2008 13:37:00 to 07/09/2008 13:37:00]

                            RateIn   RateOut    MaxIn   MaxOut   95% In  95%
Connection                    Mbps      Mbps     Mbps     Mbps     Mbps    
GigabitEther pd1-brt01.pd   178.88    113.22   259.75   164.69   248.72  
GigabitEther pd1-brt02.pd   117.66     66.05   233.61   129.18   214.92  
GigabitEther pd2-brt01.pd   164.83    147.81   271.18   260.92   250.70  
GigabitEther pd2-brt02.pd    77.98     50.93   128.05    82.22   117.84   

Total:                      539.35    378.01   892.59   637.01   832.18  

RTG is available at http://rtg.sourceforge.net/ though it hasn't been
updated in a while. I was unable to get it to compile on a 64-bit system.

I also use cacti extensively, though I was unable to come up with a good
way to alert based on 95% for traffic using cacti which is why I went to

Not to be confused with MRTG, RTG is a different project, though
inspired by MRTG I believe.


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