[rrd-users] COUNTER and values saved on database file

Valter Douglas Lisbôa Jr. douglas at trenix.com.br
Tue Jul 22 23:45:05 CEST 2008

I create a database and feed it with the perl code bellow:



When I retrive the data via fetch, I see that rrdtool does not save the raw 
value passed by RRDs::update. For instance:

* Values obtained by SNMP
user    nice    system  idle      kernel  wait   irq softirq
629609  0       239181  53499516  0       270355 0   4404

* Values retrived in fecth
user		  nice	system	          idle	             kernel	
0,438622267926239 0	0,348252111349062 98,700818840945600 0	  
wait	          irq	softirq
0,003673411505597 0     0

How does rrd obtain this values? 

I need this because I need to calculate the CPU percent usage by fetching n 
minutes ago (to load the values in memory when my daemon comes up) and after 
with the values based on SNMP responses (to avoid disk I/O for constantly 
fetching from RRD database file).

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