[rrd-users] RRDP with RRDTOOL on Windows XP/ActiveState Perl 5.8.8 (continued)

Joe Kane jkane at mail.com
Thu Jul 24 23:43:33 CEST 2008

 Thanks for that 1.2.28 release Tobi, It was much nicer to my MSVC6.0
compiler. I got it to compile with only minor work. Trying again with my
newly compiled 1.2.28,  RRDP.pm still hangs.  I had already commented out
the fnctl line (windows doesn't support): #fcntl RRDreadHand,
F_SETFL,O_NONBLOCK|O_NDELAY; #make readhandle NON BLOCKING I had seen
other reports that this change allowed RRDP to work for some on XP, but
not for me.  My calling perl script first tries to create an RRD, and
this succeeds.  So there must be a good write pipe, since I see that the
file RRD iscreated, but then nothing. After debugging through the
module with prints, I found that the open2 call starts RRDT, but then
just hangs:$RRDpid = open2 \*RRDreadHand,\*RRDwriteHand, $rrdtool,"-"
or croak "Can't Start rrdtool: $!"; It never returns.  If I manually kill
rrdtool, the RRDP proceeds at the line immediately following the open2
call. Maybe it is an immediate blocking issue, or something goes wrong
with the read pipe. Since open 2 doesn't return though I don't know how
to figure that out.   But it looks more of a Perl/XP interaction problem
than RRDT.

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