[rrd-users] How do I move my rrds to my new MRTG system.

Matthias.Merk at arz.at Matthias.Merk at arz.at
Mon Jul 28 16:12:18 CEST 2008

"Mersberger, Robert" <robert.mersberger at goldenliving.com> schrieb am 
28.07.2008 15:36:36:

>  Yes, one machine is i686 the other x86_64. I will look deeper into 
> rrdtools to get this done. Are you aware of how I can do this, (dump
> and restore) in bulk rather that one rrd at a time?
> Thanks for responding.

I dont know if rrdtool has a option for doing it recursivly,
but something like this should do it if the filenames stay the same:

for i in *.rrd; do rrdtool dump $i > `basename $i .rrd`.xml; done
for i in *.xml; do rrdtool restore $i `basename $i .xml`.rrd;done

or use find if you have RRDs in subdirecties:
find . -name *.rrd -exec rrdtool dump {} >`basename {} .rrd`.xml \;

i didn't try these though ;)

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