[rrd-users] win2k3 - apache 2.2 - rrdcgi.exe 1.2.27: HTML output gets cut off

Matthias.Merk at arz.at Matthias.Merk at arz.at
Thu Jun 12 14:43:33 CEST 2008

I'm running a win2k3 server (standard edition, SP2,all hotfixes) with 
apache (2.2.8 - xampp 1.6.6a) and use rrdcgi.exe (1.2.27-w32) as a cgi to 
genereate graphs for switches. Data for the rrds is collected by mrtg. 
Every switch has its own .rrdcgi file and when i open the file in a 
browser all image graph files are generated (filesystem wise) but the html 
output ends at some point in the middle of the file. 
As a workaround i'm appending some 70 <tr><td></td></tr>s at the end of 
the file to move the cut off further down after the graphs. 
Strangely the problem persists when using ISS6 instead of apache. 
Any hint or help would be much appreciated. Let me know if you need any 
config files etc. 
Thanks in advance! 
Best Regards 
Matthias Merk 

I've also opened ticket #158 but thought maybe somebody on the list might 
know something.
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