[rrd-users] Printing a single simple average value

Ruttenberg, Tanya Tanya.Ruttenberg at ssa.gov
Mon Jun 16 19:25:04 CEST 2008

Hi RRD Users,

I have an rrdfile router1.rrd that collects utilization data every 15
minutes.  I want to print a single value which represents an AVERAGE
rate over a 6 week period.

I have read documentation and played around with this for several days
and I haven't been able to figure it out.

The closest I came was this:

rrdtool graph - -s "midnight-6w" -e "midnight" \
DEF:ds0=router1.rrd:ifInOctets:AVERAGE \
VDEF:ds1=ds0,AVERAGE \

At least this doesn't give me any errors, but it doesn't give me any
output whatsoever.

Ideally I want to put this into a perl script like:

$average = RRDs::graph($rrdargs);

What am I doing wrong?

Tanya Ruttenberg
SMC/OND Administrator for DNE
SMC Email & Home Page: #SMC Admin http://smc.ba.ssa.gov 
OND Email & Home Page: #OND Admin

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