[rrd-users] Perl failing on :dashes

Chris Fogel chris.fogel at intermetro.net
Mon Jun 23 22:28:05 CEST 2008

Actually, my mistake...this still did not fix the issue.

How can I verify that I have a version 1.3 .RRD file?

Also, it is working fine, when run from command line, but not in perl. I 
debug print what perl is running and paste that to the command line and 
it runs without the issue.


Chris Fogel wrote:
> Alex,
> Thanks for your help. Turns out
>> Looking at the error you report, it could be 
>> (a) the perl command parser is different from the command line parser (unlikely)
>> (b) you are trying to set legend "Previous:dashes" (also unlikely)
>> (c) you are using a version 1.2 RRDs and a version 1.3 rrdtool (very likely).
> It is (a). There was an old version 1.2 Perl lib floating around. (I am 
> using all 1.3 .rrd's and rrdtool. Once i removed those 1.2 perl libs, it 
> worked fine.
> Chris
>>> Trying:
>>> 	LINE1:zweek#aaaaaa:Previous:STACK:dashes
>>> fails with:
>>> 	problem generating the graph: Garbage 'dashes' after command:
>> This would also be valid for version 1.3 and also not for 1.2; version 1.2. 
>  > would show this message as nothing should follow :STACK in version 1.2
>> Verify your RRDs version number.

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