[rrd-users] Segfault updating rrd databases with hot winter RRA

Pascal Béringuié pberinguie.ext at orange-ftgroup.com
Wed Jun 25 12:22:50 CEST 2008

Dear all

I have some problems to update rrd databases with Holt winter RRAs.
I use RRDs perl module and  rrdtool version is 1.2.27. I have the same 
problem with older versions of rrdtool.
I joined to this email an example of rrd database that causes the 
problem. I also joined the small perl script I use to update it.

./update_base.pl  test.rrd    
updating test.rrd 1213282050:1300
updating test.rrd 1213282080:1300
updating test.rrd 1213282110:1300
updating test.rrd 1213282140:1300
updating test.rrd 1213282170:1300
Segmentation fault

If the problem is known and if you have a solution to avoid it (like 
changing holt winter parameters for example: seasonnal period) or better 
if a correction exists, thank you to give me the solution.
I would be very happy to use holt winter with my rrd databases.

Best regards.
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