[rrd-users] connecting to RRDTool using java, suggestion request

mfenske at mat.uni.torun.pl mfenske at mat.uni.torun.pl
Wed Mar 5 16:43:26 CET 2008

I am a last year student of IT, and for my final project I was looking  
to find a way to provide information about a GRID using java web  
services. I found Ganglia monitoring system and decided to use it as a  
source of information for my web service. To do that I need to dig out  
information collected by ganglia from RRDTool database. I have a few  
ways to get information for my java web service:

- from rrd database using java ( jRobin, jRRD, rrdjtool,  
rrdtool-1.0.33-java, running rrdtool)  

- from rrd using other tool and provide them raw as a web service (  
perl, python ) http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/prog/index.en.html

I already have a path that makes ganglia not only store information to  
rrd database, but also redirect them to stdout. The information are  
then taken from std out, using a pipe, and stored in jRobin database.  
This provides easy access to rrd (jRobin) database from java. The  
problem here is that the pipe consumes a lot of CPU.

Another solution is to rewrite the whole gmetad to java and only use  
jRobin, but this would be a huge change and interference to the source  

I can also try other java tools to get information from rrd database.  
But here I face some problems also. jRRD is very simple and has not  
been developed for past 6 years. Running rrdtool from java using  
System.exec() is slow and you need to parse results. Maybe I should  
try rrdjtool... So you think it's a good idea?

On the other hand, I can make information from rrdtool accessible via  
web service written in perl. This solution has an advantage, because I  
can provide information to my java web service about more than one GRID.
I want to ask You guys what do you suggest? Which method should I  
choose? ( rewrite gmetad, rrdjtool, perl ).

Thank u very much for such a quick response,



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