[rrd-users] Unexpected decimal values in RRA

jan-terje.larsen at telenor.com jan-terje.larsen at telenor.com
Mon Nov 3 09:31:20 CET 2008

> > When I fetch the values I see this:
> > 1225359000: 3.8814344466e+03 -7.3078100609e-05
> > 1225360800: 3.8815660814e+03 7.3156179499e-05

> Data time window normalisation.

OK. I think I see. I have also "ignored" the importance of the start time of the RRD upon creation I guess.
Those two samples above have the times 10:30:00 and 11:00:00, but I run the polling scripts at 10:10:00 and 10:40:00.

Are my asumption correct ? That the start time is crucial and must be taken into account when you set the actual polling times ?


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