[rrd-users] RRD Seek Errror: again?

Brian Fahrlander wheeldweller at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 04:03:25 CET 2008

Steve Shipway wrote:
>>     AH; well, the file's about 2g...I don't actually know the limits,
>> but that's a sound theory at least.
> All sorts of things go wrong at the 2GB limit if anything is using 32bit counters.  You need to recompile rrdtool with 64bit libraries and make sure your filesystem supports 'Large' files before you can cope with this.  Even then, it is possible that the rrdtool source code is not strictly 64-bit clean (I haven't checked it so I don't know)
> I'd split the RRD into several files with different DSs in each and keep it <2GB
    OK, well this is kinda interesting...at least to me.  Taking apart 
the data to keep the sizes down, all's working fine.  Better, actually:

    If you look at this over the next few hours, you can see a smooth, 
clean curve of the outside temperature (red) 'parking' for the night 
around 50.  But then the sun comes up, pushes the interior temps up, 
kicking us into vent mode.  Later the temperature dips, I put it into 
'heat', and we're back.

    The interesting part is how 'perfect' the sinewave of the 
temperature is, and how, in both heat and vent, the system's able to 
keep the temperature pretty constant. With heat, that's pretty hard to do.

    I guess I'm back outta 'failure mode' guys- I really appreciate your 

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