[rrd-users] rrdtool rpms ?

Karl Fischer rrd-users at ficos.de
Thu Nov 6 00:25:45 CET 2008

Mersberger, Robert wrote:
>  This is most likely not the place for this but it is am rpm track and
> it is something I am not familiar with it usage.
> I just attempted to run an update using yum and got the following errors
> which means I must have something setup wrong.
> Can anybody help me through this?
> Here is my out put.
> [root at mrtg ~]# yum update rrdtool-1.3.4-2.fc9.x86_64.rpm
> fedora                                                   | 2.4 kB
> 00:00    
> updates                                                  | 2.6 kB
> 00:00    
> Setting up Update Process
> Examining rrdtool-1.3.4-2.fc9.x86_64.rpm: rrdtool-1.3.4-2.fc9.x86_64
> Marking rrdtool-1.3.4-2.fc9.x86_64.rpm as an update to
> rrdtool-1.3.0-1.fc9.x86_64
> Resolving Dependencies
> --> Running transaction check
> --> Processing Dependency: rrdtool = 1.3.0-1.fc9 for package:
> rrdtool-perl
> ---> Package rrdtool.x86_64 0:1.3.4-2.fc9 set to be updated
> --> Finished Dependency Resolution
> rrdtool-perl-1.3.0-1.fc9.x86_64 from installed has depsolving problems
>   --> Missing Dependency: rrdtool = 1.3.0-1.fc9 is needed by package
> rrdtool-perl-1.3.0-1.fc9.x86_64 (installed)
> Error: Missing Dependency: rrdtool = 1.3.0-1.fc9 is needed by package
> rrdtool-perl-1.3.0-1.fc9.x86_64 (installed)


this is off-topic in this subject, you should have opened a new one ...

Looks like you had installed rrdtool-1.3.0-1.fc9.x86_64 before,
along with it's companion rrdtool-perl-1.3.0-1.fc9.x86_64

I assume you're trying to update just the rrdtool without the -perl
component and that fails ... because of dependencies ...

So if you don't need the -perl component, you'll have to remove that first.
Or you have to include it in the update ...

So either:

rpm -e rrdtool rrdtool-perl
yum install rrdtool-1.3.4-2.fc9.x86_64.rpm


yum update rrdtool-1.3.4-2.fc9.x86_64.rpm rrdtool-perl-1.3.4-2.fc9.x86_64.rpm

should do the job. You may have to download the latter first ...


- Karl

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