[rrd-users] RRD smoothing - please help

johan thoren johan_thoren at yahoo.se
Mon Nov 10 10:04:16 CET 2008

Im trying to figure out how to configure the RRD tool. My goal is to store data and ONLY display the maximum value. At a heart beat rate of 100 I store into RRD for a 300 time interval. See my rrd definition 
The values I get are typically 1,2,3,4 and NEVER any digits
Why I gods name will RRDtool approximate and display graph- values like 1.3, 0.7, 2.2...
This to me does not look like a TRUE maxiumum value, but instead only an AVERAGE value... 
This I can only think is a VERY straight-forward problem. I have now tried different approxes. 
1. Only storing RRA at times close to the middle of the heart beat
2. Forcing specific RRA storage times. 
Is there any way to get thsi basic functionality to work or am I forced to look for another software then the RRDtool???
Johan Thorén 

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