[rrd-users] Fonts not showing up...

O'Neil, Donald A. DONALD.A.O'NEIL at saic.com
Wed Nov 12 17:11:07 CET 2008

Yes, this fixes the problem... any other bugs I should be aware of in 1.2.28?

BTW, I had to patch the file manually, the source I had from 1.2.28 had the change on line 3511.

Thanks very much!!

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В Втр, 11/11/2008 в 09:14 -0800, O'Neil, Donald A. пишет:
> What version prior to 1.2.28 doesn't have this problem? The cacti folks
> recommend against using 1.3.X as it supposedly has issues with
> segfaults.

Try to apply the following patch to 1.2.28 and tell us if it works for
you: http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool-trac/changeset/1653


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