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Please see the mailing list archives from the past 5 days. Alex B (?) 
posted an outstanding, and brief, explanation.


On Wednesday 12 November 2008 04:04:30 pm Gavin Landon wrote:
> Was this a newb question and no one wants to answer, no one has ever
> experienced, or no one has ever validated the data so if it's happen,
> no one noticed?
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> I'm having a few problem which has interrupted my train of thought to
> the point I'm starting to doubt myself.
> (Problem 1)
> I've been writing a monitoring system for software we have written that
> report back to us on a minute by minute bases.  I'm only in the
> development stages so the data is small and in one case it always
> returns 1.  I find the chart that's looking at this stat is in flux as
> if the values are more than 1.  I've deleted the RRD file then
> recreated it with data I have in SQL, logging everything that goes into
> RRD and I never put in anything greater than 1.  Yet my chart still has
> spikes at the same place up to 20.
> (Problem 2)
> The answer to this one may fix problem 1..  I can't seem to find the
> balance in the configuration so that the numbers on the side of the
> left side of the chart match up with the data that is actually in the
> RRD file.   Since I'm also storing the data in SQL at the same time
> it's being placed into RRD, I know I have an exact match up.  However,
> when I tell SQL to give me the MIN and MAX of a specific time frame,
> then tell RRD to do the same, I get two different values.
> I do have 5 archives.
> Min = .Steps = 1
> 24 hours = .Steps = 60   'Minutes per Hour
> Week = .Steps = 1440     'Minutes per Day
> Month = .Steps = 10080    'Minutes per Week
> Year = .Steps = 43829    '525948.766/12  'Minutes Per Month
> I'm using Gauge when creating it since Absolute, Counter, and Derive
> all seem to skew the charts as well.  On my archives I'm using MAX
> function because I found that Average was throwing me way off..  Since
> this is a monitoring interface, I need it to be exact.
> Maybe it's me and I just don't have it configured correctly..  If so,
> can someone tell me the configuration needed to show what is exactly in
> RRD, because showing my clients 189 for SQL, but looking at a chart
> that doesn't go over 40 is only going to prompt questions I can't
> answer.
> Thanks for your time,
> Gavin
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