[rrd-users] graphing unconsolidated values

Jay Christopherson jc.listmail at gmail.com
Thu Oct 9 00:53:31 CEST 2008


I understand that RRDTool is designed to store/graph rates and not values.
That being said, I need to graph values for a few of my datasources.  I'd
rather not have to setup a whole separate graphing system just for a few
graphs so if it is possible, I'd like to use my existing rrdtool system to
do this.  Is it possible to setup a datasource definition so that it will
store (and subsequently be able to display) exact values?

I'd like to stick with a 300s interval.  I am not an expert at rrdtool, but
I have read the documentation on normalization and consolidation so I feel
like I somewhat understand the underpinnings, but not enough to figure out
how to make this work correctly.

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