[rrd-users] How to calculate how much memory rrdtool needs to generate a graph

Erik Freiholtz erik at freiholtz.com
Mon Sep 1 23:21:00 CEST 2008


I'm running rrdtool (1.0.50) on Openwrt. The system (Asus WL500GP) has 
only 32 Mb RAM and no swapspace.
At the moment I'm having 16 data sources (in separate databases) and I 
sample every 5 minute.

There won't be any other memory hungry processes run on the device.

The system will run in a remote location and will upload graphs to a 
remote server. When the system is installed I will have no access to it. 
(Well, I can drive 500km to get access to it...)

I really need to know how large timespan I can graph on this system. It 
will be a disaster if I the system crashes or stops to genereate graph 
after a couple of months because there is not enough memory. I can 
adjust the sample interval, but I want as good resolution as possible.

So, is there a simple way to calculate how much memory is needed to 
genererate graphs based on number of datasources, sample interval and 
timespan of the graph?

Best regards
Erik Freiholtz

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