[rrd-users] [Rrd-users] I need to help me

René GARCIA rene at margar.fr
Tue Sep 16 09:56:30 CEST 2008

If your firewall is a linux box then you can read trafic counters from
/proc/net/dev. You don't even need to run as root to read it. Each line
represents a network device.
Create a RRD file, insert receive/transmit bytes counters periodically in
the RRD (eg every 5 minutes) and then you can generate graphs.

Where is your main problem ? Reading values, create RRD, plot graph ?

Please post in rrd-users list not in rrd-announce.


Le Mar 16 septembre 2008 07:04, Valeska Godoy a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm working with rrdtool because i need to do graphs of input and autput
> traffic of my firewall, but i can't to do this graphs. Please, i need you
> help me.
> --
> thanks Valeska Godoy
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