[rrd-users] I need help with my rrd file

Nuno Pereira nunopereira at interacesso.pt
Mon Sep 29 21:26:25 CEST 2008

> In fact, i don't really understood
> can you explain to me the signification please :-D
> a=1
> > 	while [ $a -ne 0 ]; do
> particularly this parts : [ $a -ne 0 ]

This is a Conditional Expression (see the man section for more info) that
you can use in sh to test if arg1 is "not qual to" arg2. It's a arithmetic
binary operator. There are others like -eq, -lt, -le, -gt, or -ge, which
mean equal, less then, etc.
It's equivalent to "!="	with the difference that "!=" compares strings, and
"-ne" compares numbers.


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