[rrd-users] Determining RRD File Corresponding to Graph on Tree in CACTI SQL Schema

Traiano Welcome twelcome at tenet.ac.za
Tue Aug 11 13:56:35 CEST 2009

Hi List

I'm trying to find the rrd file corresponding to a given traffic graph 
on a "tree" by exploring the cacti schema: Basically, Given the 
"local_graph_id" in the graph_templates_graph table, I'd like to be able 
to find the corresponding "data_source_path" field in the 
data_template_data table by a simple series of sql queries so that I can 
script some custom automation:

Is there a relationship(s) between tables in the cacti db that allows me 
to link the local_graph_id to a given data_source_path?

Thanks in Advance,
Traiano Welcome


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