[rrd-users] Can I get a single update into an RRA?

A Darren Dunham ddunham at taos.com
Fri Dec 11 18:24:42 CET 2009

On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 09:42:11AM -0700, David Mitchell wrote:
> Optimally, it would be nice if there was some configuration using
> RRA:LAST or something which would result in the RRA getting populated
> with a single update. I thought about trying to fudge it by creating the
> RRD's with an extremely small step size (like 1 second) and always
> pushing two updates (N:5 -3:5 for example) at once to try and force data
> into the RRAs. It seems like there should be an easier way though.

I don't know of anything that is internal to RRD that would help you,
but you could fake it with an update wrapper.

Have the wrapper check the RRD for the last update.  If it's outside the
heartbeat, update the previous (stepwise) data point with a zero, then
update your current data point.  more work on your part, but a wrapper
could hide much of the complexity.


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