[rrd-users] Graphing data by layers

Jose Oscar Olivares Ocampo/Mexico/Contr/IBM oscaro at mx1.ibm.com
Tue Dec 22 00:06:51 CET 2009

    Hello everyone, I am a beginner user of the tool.

I have 4 values on an RRD file, which I am trying to graph into a single 
I want all these values to be AREAs.

My problem is that sometimes, one value is greater than the rest at 
certain interval, and this value superpose at the front (making the rest 
Changing the order is of no help, since these values are not predictable 
and any of them can be greater than the rest at a given interval.

Is there a way to force the lower value to be graphed at front and the 
higher at the back of a chart?
Should I use alpha on the areas for this?

The current definitions as follows:

Any idea will be appreciated.

Best Regards!
José Oscar Olivares Ocampo
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