[rrd-users] help with NSLU2, OWFS and RRD for DS2423 counter

Petteri Matilainen pmatil at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 21:24:50 CET 2009


I'm using RRD with OWFS and NSLU2. I'm not familiar with DS2423 since I 
have DS18S20 temperature sensors. But I assume that after you have 
connected the counter it's output is available at OWFS. Then all you do 
is read the value, write a simple bash script and give it to rrdupdate. 
Something like this (this is from my application):

out=`cat /mnt/1wire/uncached/10.BDA949000800/temperature | awk '{print $1}'`

out_time=`date +%s | awk '{print $1}'`

rrdtool update --template out /var/digitemp/temperature2.rrd $out_time:$out

I have the above at a .sh shell script which I run with cron. I know 
that the above out_time isn't a good way to get the timestamp but it 
works. Also, I'm using rrdtool 1.2.26.

Good luck.


Eduard wrote:
> Are there users who are using RRD and OWFS with a NSLU2 ?
>  I’m interested in how to update a RRD with data from a  DS2423 counter. 
>  Does anybody have some working examples for me?
> Kind regards,
> Eduard
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